The STAUFF Liner, the mobile presentation and demonstration vehicle of the STAUFF Group, comes to you or to your business partners

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The STAUFF LINER, the mobile presentation and demonstration vehicle of the STAUFF Group, comes to you or to your business partners (based in Germany as well as Western and Central Europe), e.g. for a detailed introduction of the entire product range or selected products / product groups as jointly defined.

Always on board for machine demonstrations in live operation: the STAUFF Form EVO tube end forming machine, various different STAUFF Press cutting ring assembly machines, the STAUFF SWG stud welding system and much more as per your requirements.

This makes the STAUFF Liner the ideal place for theoretical and practical trainings on jointly defined STAUFF products or product groups. If desired, participants will receive a corresponding certificate of participation after completion of the training course.

In addition, the STAUFF Liner can be used to support trade fairs or other internal and external events (in-house exhibitions, customer days, company parties).

Start your virtual 360° tour through the STAUFF Liner and the STAUFF production and assembly areas in Germany!


  • Covered area of more than 14 square metres
  • Suitable space for up to 8 visitors / users
  • Can be extended with an external pavilion on request 
  • Full-HD screen with speakers
  • LED interior lighting
  • Air condition and auxiliary heating
  • Product samples, product catalogues, brochures and flyers, promotional items and give-aways


  • Length: 7,5 metres
  • Width: 2,4 metres (4,5 metres with open hatch)
  • Height: 3 metres
  • Turning circle: 15 metres (min.)
  • Weight: 4,5 tons (max.)

Recommended Exhibition Area

  • Length: 10 metres
  • Width: 5 metres
  • Even, dry and sufficiently stable/solid area
  • Ideally, power connections (230 V / 50 Hz and 400 V / 50 Hz) available in the direct vicinity of the exhibition area (cable drums with cable lengths of up to 25 meters in the vehicle)
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