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Corporate Principles

Corporate mission, values and vision of the STAUFF Group

STAUFF Mission

Honesty and sincerity, respect and trust in dealing with each other and with our business partners form the basis for the lasting success of our globally active family-owned company.

We will use our pioneering technology to make hydraulic applications more powerful, more reliable and safer. This enables us to contribute to protecting man, machine and the environment.


The core values

  • honesty
  • sincerity
  • respect and
  • trust

are the cornerstones of our mission. We put these core values into practice every day through

  • transparency
  • competence
  • persistence and
  • appreciation.

Without transparency, there is neither honesty and sincerity nor respect and trust. What transparency means to us:

  • We say clearly what we want and we express our opinion.
  • We listen. We discuss counter-arguments objectively.
  • We are not afraid to ask questions.
  • We strive for results and decisions and formulate these clearly and unambiguously.
  • We work transparently.
  • We discuss mistakes, problems and conflicts objectively and rectify them.

Without competence, there is no respect and no trust. What competence means to us:

  • We know what our skills are and we focus on these.
  • We leave to others what is not within our skill set.
  • We strive to learn the skills we need.
  • We support each other and obtain support when it is required.

Without persistence, there is no respect and no trust. What persistence means to us:

  • We respect decisions even when our own view has not prevailed.
  • We are open to rethinking decisions in light of new findings.
  • We implement decisions consistently and bring tasks to a conclusion.
  • We follow through on commitments and agreements that we have made.

Without appreciation, there is neither honesty and sincerity nor respect and trust. What appreciation means to us:

  • We interact with each other impartially and without reservations.
  • We do not deceive and we tell the truth.
  • We never withhold important information from anyone.
  • We recognise the achievements of others. This is an incentive for us.
  • We express criticism objectively and receive it in the same way.


As the leading international provider of hydraulic lines and coordinated solutions along these lines, we contribute significantly to the success of our business partners.

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