Ken Cleal
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Ken Cleal
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Expansion of Production Worldwide

How STAUFF is consistently expanding its global offering as a supplier of manipulated pipes and tubes

If that's not an ideal partnership: UK-based Unison Ltd develops and manufactures high-precision tube bending machines and is regarded as the leading name in all-electric equipment; STAUFF supplies its global customers with manipulated pipes and tubes.

Against the background of STAUFF consistently expanding its global offering as a supplier of manipulated pipes and tubes, the two companies agreed on a five-year strategic partnership in summer 2021.

Ken Cleal | Head of Production STAUFF UK and Global Product Manager Tube & Tube Manipulation

"We have been working together as partners for more than 10 years and have achieved a lot. We want to continue and expand this - for our mutual benefit and above all for the benefit of our customers."

The cooperation provides for the STAUFF locations to receive, among other things, rapid spare parts delivery when needed and on-site training for operators – with the aim of ensuring that the Unison machines are, firstly, always available and, secondly, deliver optimum performance.

The cooperation is also being expanded at the "hardware" level. In addition to the 13 Unison tube bending machines that STAUFF already has in operation, Unison recently delivered two more Breeze machines.

One of the two machines remains in Unison's home country. It was installed and commissioned at STAUFF UK in Sheffield. The other had to travel a long way before commissioning – to STAUFF Australia's Technology Centre in Wollongong.

At both locations (and others in the global STAUFF production network), STAUFF manufactures manipulated pipe and tube assemblies for builders of mobile and industrial machinery and equipment.

Technology Centre of STAUFF Australia

Both systems are suitable for bending tubes up to a maximum diameter of 35 mm and – because STAUFF often produces medium and small series – are designed for maximum flexibility. The drive and control concept of the Breeze machines creates the prerequisite for accuracy and repeatability and thus for the highest quality of tubing.

STAUFF UK Sheffield

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Head of Production at STAUFF UK and Global Product Manager Tube & Tube Manipulation
Ken Cleal
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